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Start matching process

Start matching process

Hey there my name is Julia and I'm working in healthcare companies from medical devices to a patient experience staff member in a network of clinics.

Here is breakdown of matching process:

  1. We will get on Zoom call and identify the specific doctor specialties and practice staff you would need to get feedback from
  2. Work together on a list of questions and concerns you want to validate
  3. Facilitate scheduled 2-3 sessions with specific person who agreed to talk through topics you want to validate in your software, product or offer.
  4. Report with valuable feedback and insights to refine your further product roadmap. 

Working with various software solutions in my day-to-day duties I collected many thoughts on how it can be improved to serve better both patients and clinic staffers.

Helped startups in EHR and EMR space to refine and prioritize their roadmap.

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Consulting package

Product Feedback Session

Best for Startups and early stage companies that are working on either applications for patients, or practices to consult their thoughts and ideas

Marketing Package

Post in Social Media

Planning some UGC campaign? Thinking about reaching out to doctors for collaboration on your beauty or health related product, choose this package.

Custom package

Have something in mind?

We can help crafting a custom event towards an audience of healthcare workers or doctors. Please reach out in case you have specific ideas you need help with!